1) Intel i7 8core, 3 Ghz CPU 16Gig RAM , 4 X 1Terrabyte HDD’s,  Nvidia card with dual 23inch Monitors, DVD Writer, 2 X UAD2 DSP cards

SOUND DUTIES are performed by a Steinberg UR824 interface with a Focusrite ISA ONE plus a Focusrite Octopre 8 channel preamp

2) Intel quad core, 2.4 Ghz CPU 4Gig RAM ,1.5 Terrabyte  HDD, Nvidia card with 19″ Monitor DVD Writer,

Sound on Computer 2 is courtesy of a Steinberg UR44 interrface.

Monitoring is via of powered KRK Rokit 6 speakers along with a powered KRK 12in Sub woofer.


  • Behringer Truth Monitors (Self Powered)
  • Mikes: SE Electronics RNR Ribbon mic,Blue Blueberry  Shure SM58’s, and Bet 58’s plus assorted bits and bobs
  • Drum Kits miked with, Audix overhead condensers ,Audix Tom mikes, AKG D112
  • Bass drum mike, Shure Beta 56a Snare mike, Shure 16A condenser  HiHat mike
  • 2 X Fender Telecasters
  • 1 X Fender Strat
  • 1 X Gibson Les Paul
  • 1 X Gibson SG,
  • 1 X AfriCan
  • 1 X Mandolin,
  • 1 X Daion Acoustic
  • 1 X Carver Nylon strung acoustic
  • 1 X Violin

A full EV PA is available in the sound booth for “rehearsal” purposes.